Photography in English


Session 1. LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION. An introductory session. We will focus on understanding the key functions of your camera, such as aperture, shutter, ISO, depth of field, mobile, digital, analog etc.

Session 2. LOOK INTO INURFACE. This session will explain different uses of composition and light. Portrait, landscape, classics to no composition hip shots, paparazzi flashes, selfie flashes, to using torch light, etc.

Session 3. SHOOT OUT. It’s about getting out in the streets, taking pictures and having fun.

Session 4. LISTEN IMAGES (1+1 = 3). During this session we will briefly explore different types of supports for your images, such as photobooks, exhibits and the web. We will also study how images work in sequence. It’s about rhythm and flow.

Session 5. NEVER ENDING STORY. The last session will focus on narrative and counter narrative techniques. Everyone has a story, what's yours?